November is Adoption Awareness Month in British Columbia. It is a time to honour and celebrate the many families that have been created through adoption in this beautiful province we call home. It is also a time to remember that there are still many children and youth in government care who are waiting for a loving, permanent family.

Every child deserves a permanent family home and adoption offers light and hope in the darkness. It is truly fitting that Adoption Awareness Month follows Foster Family Month because fostering and adoption are deeply intertwined. Foster parents “stand in the gap” and support the best permanency goal for the child or youth in their care. While reunification is typically the primary goal of foster care, foster parents are often asked to consider adopting the child in their care if safely returning to the birth family isn’t possible. Each year an average of over 40% of all adoptions in BC are foster parents adopting the children or youth in their care. When foster families are unable to adopt, they skillfully facilitate the transition of a child from foster care to a suitable adoptive family or other permanent placement.

Adoption Awareness Month is a time for us to recognize the individuals and agencies who work tirelessly to support and help build forever families. BC Foster Parents Association would like to take this time to thank our partners, the Adoptive Families Association of BC, for their commitment to building prepared, resilient adoptive families. The adoption and permanency community stands strong because of you!

There are many ways to celebrate Adoption Awareness Month.

  • Use social media to promote awareness of the need for adoptive families. Follow Adoptive Families Association of BC (@bcadopt) for information on events and celebrations.
  • Send a card or a gift to an adoptive family you know.
  • Donate to dedicated agencies that provide programs and services for adoptive families.

On behalf of the fostering community, I extend my heartfelt thanks to all adoptive families in BC for choosing to build your families through adoption and providing children and youth with loving, permanent homes.


Jayne Wilson

Executive Director