Who We Are

The BC Federation of Foster Parent Associations is a provincial organization for foster parents and governed by foster parents who represent all areas of the province.

BCFFPA is a registered non-profit charity which aims to bring together foster parents, social workers and other stakeholders who are working to improve the standard of care for children in our province. We provide information to the general public about fostering, recruitment services to MCFD and DAAs, offer foster parents opportunities for education, and we provide direct support to foster parents when they encounter challenges in the work they do.  One of our key roles in the province is to collaborate with the Ministry of Children and Family Development on the development and revision of policy and practice for BC’s child welfare sector.

BCFFPA is structured to facilitate contact with all foster parents in the province. We provide funding to BCFFPA Branches, Regional Councils and we maintain a Board of Directors that represents the diversity of all foster caregivers.  Our Branches, Regional Councils and Provincial Board are all run by volunteers who are elected or appointed by BCFFPA’s foster parent membership community.

An Annual General Meeting is held each year to provide members from all areas of the province, the opportunity to vote and actively participate in the planning the Federation’s future direction.  Our AGMs are also wonderful opportunities to network, to learn and to participate in world cafe style brainstorm, insight and program design sessions.

Fostering is: Caring for children whose family, for a variety of reasons, are unable to provide the necessary care or meet their needs.

Fostering can be: Challenging, demanding and frustrating, but above all is enriching and rewarding.  It is commonly said that fostering is the “hardest job you’ll ever love”.

Foster parents are: People like you from all walks of life, who provide skilled and caring service for children and their families. These services can range from emergency, short term care to intensive therapeutic care.

BCFFPA is: Another branch of the family tree