Fostering Practice

As a foster parent you have a multitude of important roles in a young person’s life.  Primarily your role is to care lovingly, diligently and successfully for the children and youth placed in your care by a Ministry or agency team.  You are charged with always considering their best interests.  You are responsible for the day to day administrative documentation associated with your role as temporary (although it may be long term) foster caregiver for each of these young people.  This involves, not only keeping track of appointments but writing monthly reports, submitting requests for services and for maintaining a log about the life of the child in your care.  As a foster parent you are a key member of a young person’s care team.  You will be developing and maintaining relationships with workers and family members associated with the child or youth in your care.

These are a few of the reasons that it is imperative that you invest in the ongoing learning and understanding that is essential to being successful in the role of foster parent.  There is a great deal to learn and the journey is rewarding!

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