Training Projects Update

Caregiver Training & Resource Worker Training Development — Project Update

It is well known that skilled and trained caregivers enhance and improve the outcomes for children and their families.  The ‘Strengthening Foster Care” goal in the Ministry’s 2015-2018 strategic plan lays the foundation for two projects—caregiver training and resource social worker training.  The highlights of both of these projects are outlined below.

 ~ Caregiver Training ~
One recommendation of the Residential Review was to develop and implement a new caregiver education program that includes preparatory and specialized components and that promotes Indigenous world views and teachings within each component.

Over the past several months, BCFFPA has been working in partnership with a team of subject matter specialists from MCFD, delegated Aboriginal agencies, contracted service agencies, foster parents and other sector stakeholders to lay the groundwork for development of a revised comprehensive caregiver training program that is inclusive of out of care caregivers as well.

We will work with an Aboriginal advisory group and a content facilitator to develop the new curriculum which will not only incorporate Aboriginal perspectives, it will have a trauma informed, permanency and attachment focus.  Our goal is to develop a comprehensive program that will better address the complex needs and the challenges of providing care.

A detailed program outline has been approved by the Ministry and work is about to begin.

 ~ Resource Social Worker Training ~
The partnership continues on in the development of resource social worker training.

We are building on and updating training that was developed in one of the service delivery areas and drawing on previous work developed by the Justice Institute.  The training will incorporate  new standards, practices and policies and it is our goal to ensure that the resource social worker training is aligned with the caregiver training.

The resource social worker training will also include the necessary Aboriginal perspectives.

We have a team of subject matter specialists working with us; social workers from the Ministry with a tremendous amount of resources experience among them.  BCFFPA is very lucky to have Dianne Swansburg on board as Project Coordinator.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and perspective from her many years at the Ministry, most recently as the Provincial Resource Consultant.


Cyberbullying Information for Caregiver Awareness

View the Representative for Children and Youth’s report about Cyberbullying: Empowering children and youth to be safe online and responsible digital citizens


AGM 2016 – Date and Location

Join us to kick off Foster Family Month next year on September 30 and October 1, 2016 in Nanaimo at the Coast Bastion Hotel!  Watch for the call for special resolutions and nominations for President and Secretary positions in our June 2016 FosterlineBC issue.

Bursary Submissions Deadline is May 31, 2016

The date for submission for all BCFFPA bursary programs is May 31, 2016.

Click here for the full bursary information.

Planning to Adopt a Child in Your Care?

Some BC foster caregivers have recently experienced extremely long waits to process the adoption of a child already placed in their homes.  Your adoption worker may not know that there are modification allowances to the process for experienced caregivers.

The Practice Standards and Guidelines for Adoption (BC, 2001) contains guidelines for adoption workers to follow when an experienced caregiver applies to adopt at child who is in their care.  Once the placement is already considered suitable, Practice Standard 45 provides allowance for modifications to meet the unique preparation needs of approved caregivers and experienced adoptive parents. “This Standard describes acceptable modifications to the adoption education program, to the gathering of documentation and information, and to the format of the written family assessment in order to avoid duplication or to prevent unnecessary delay in the placement.”

Click on the document name above and navigate to section 6-15 (page 187 of the document) for more information.

And watch our BC Foster Basics YouTube video about Adopting Your Foster Child!

BC Foster Basics Videos on YouTube

Tune into BCFFPA’s YouTube channel to view any of our informative videos for professional caregivers and community members covering a variety of fostering topics.  Click a topic link below to see one of this month’s featured videos.

Whether you are a new or seasoned foster parent or provide support to caregivers, there’s something here for you!

Watch the Rider Insurance Webinar!

Watch our RIder Insurance Webinar!  Click on the link below (allow about 45 seconds to load the presentation).  Length is appoximately one hour.  Send us an e-mail at to let us know if you found the information helpful.

BCFFPA and Megson Fitzpatrick Foster Parent Rider Insurance Webinar 2013