Winner of the Early Bird Renewal Draw

Congratulations to Lee Lachmuth of Kamloops!  She is the lucky winner of the Early Bird Renewal Draw and wins an AGM 2016 registration and 2 nights at the lovely Coast Bastion Hotel in Nanaimo.

Cyberbullying Information for Caregiver Awareness

View the Representative for Children and Youth’s report about Cyberbullying: Empowering children and youth to be safe online and responsible digital citizens


Welcome New Board Members!

Congratulations and welcome to 3 new regional delegates and 1 returning regional delegate on BCFFPA’s Board of Directors.

  • Chad Hooker joins us from Courtenay, representing Vancouver Island.
  • Tanya Tagmann joins us from Prince George and will be representing the North Region.
  • Walter Aguilar joins us from Coquitlam and is fills our new second Coast Fraser Delegate position.
  • Returning to the position of Interior Region delegate is Kevin Daniel.

Welcome to all of you!


AGM 2016 – Date and Location

Special Resolutions that were passed at the AGM will bring about one significant change for our members.  The date of our AGM will change to the first weekend of October beginning in 2016.

Join us to kick off Foster Family Month next year on September 30 and October 1, 2016 in Nanaimo at the Coast Bastion Hotel!

Watch upcoming newsletters for more information about AGM 2016.  We hope to see you there!

BC Foster Basics Videos on YouTube

Tune into BCFFPA’s YouTube channel to view any of our informative videos for professional caregivers and community members covering a variety of fostering topics.  Click a topic link below to see one of this month’s featured videos.

Whether you are a new or seasoned foster parent or provide support to caregivers, there’s something here for you!

Planning to Adopt a Child in Your Care?

Some BC foster caregivers have recently experienced extremely long waits to process the adoption of a child already placed in their homes.  Your adoption worker may not know that there are modification allowances to the process for experienced caregivers.

The Practice Standards and Guidelines for Adoption (BC, 2001) contains guidelines for adoption workers to follow when an experienced caregiver applies to adopt at child who is in their care.  Once the placement is already considered suitable, Practice Standard 45 provides allowance for modifications to meet the unique preparation needs of approved caregivers and experienced adoptive parents. “This Standard describes acceptable modifications to the adoption education program, to the gathering of documentation and information, and to the format of the written family assessment in order to avoid duplication or to prevent unnecessary delay in the placement.”

Click on the document name above and navigate to section 6-15 (page 187 of the document) for more information.

And watch our BC Foster Basics YouTube video about Adopting Your Foster Child!

Watch the Rider Insurance Webinar!

Watch our RIder Insurance Webinar!  Click on the link below (allow about 45 seconds to load the presentation).  Length is appoximately one hour.  Send us an e-mail at to let us know if you found the information helpful.

BCFFPA and Megson Fitzpatrick Foster Parent Rider Insurance Webinar 2013