Planning to Adopt a Child in Your Care?

Some BC foster caregivers have recently experienced extremely long waits to process the adoption of a child already placed in their homes.  Your adoption worker may not know that there are modification allowances to the process for experienced caregivers.

The Practice Standards and Guidelines for Adoption (BC, 2001) contains guidelines for adoption workers to follow when an experienced caregiver applies to adopt at child who is in their care.  Once the placement is already considered suitable, Practice Standard 45 provides allowance for modifications to meet the unique preparation needs of approved caregivers and experienced adoptive parents. “This Standard describes acceptable modifications to the adoption education program, to the gathering of documentation and information, and to the format of the written family assessment in order to avoid duplication or to prevent unnecessary delay in the placement.”

Click on the document name above and navigate to section 6-15 (page 187 of the document) for more information.


Skills Guide for Self Care and Independence

The Skills Guide for Self Care and Independence is a fabulous resource for foster parents and the children or youth in their care.  Check it out!

Skills Guide for Self Care and Independence


Complex Trauma: Facts for Caregivers

What is it like to be a child with complex trauma?  How might complex trauma affect the way your kids see the world?  How does it change the way your kids think?

Check out the link for much more information from The National Child Traumatic Stress Network.

Complex Trauma: Facts for Caregivers


Keep Up To Date on BC Foster Basics…

Many new topics have been added in the past few months.  Tune into BCFFPA’s YouTube channel ) for informative instructional videos for professional caregivers covering a variety of fostering topics.  Click a topic link below to see one of this month’s Featured Videos…

There are more videos to come so be sure to follow us on YouTube!  Whether you are a new or seasoned foster parent or provide support to caregivers, there’s something here for you!

MCFD to Add 200 More Child Welfare Workers by 2016

The Ministry of Children and Family Development is strengthening how it delivers front-line services by adding 200 new child welfare workers by 2016, accelerating additional hiring and restructuring ministry functions to allow social workers to concentrate more on direct services to children and families and less on administration.

These changes come as a result of extensive staff engagement throughout the province, collaboration with the BC Government Employees Union (BCGEU) and feedback from clients.

Read the press release.

Press Release from MCFD – Mileage Increase (October 2014)

VICTORIA – The Ministry of Children and Family Development is increasing foster parent mileage rates in recognition of the rising costs of travel.

Anyone who has children understands that travel for activities such as swimming lessons, soccer practice, or even emergency hospital trips can put pressure on a family budget. Currently, the family care rate paid to foster parents varies from $800 to more than $3,000 a month, depending on the level of care provided and the number of children in care. This is intended to cover the regular ongoing costs of raising a child which includes transportation to an upper limit of 325 kilometers. Beyond this limit is considered exceptional travel and is billed to government at a rate of 30 cents per kilometer. This rate will now be increased to 51 cents. The increase will also apply to those caring for children under the extended family program.

The change comes in direct response to discussions with the BC Federation of Foster Parent Association (BCFFPA), which has asked that the mileage rate increase in response to rising gas prices and other costs, and to better support families in rural and remote areas.

October is Foster Family Month in British Columbia, an opportunity to celebrate the selfless commitment of the province’s approximately 3,200 foster parents, and encourage others to step up and embrace this rewarding challenge. Every day, these dedicated families help close to 5,900 children and teens navigate the most challenging times of their young lives.

Rider Insurance Now Covering Accidental Damage

Foster parents in BC are now encouraged to submit to BCFFPA claims for accidental damages done by foster children to your home or belongings.  The Rider Insurance coverage recently changed to include coverage for accidental damages done on January 31st, 2014 or after.  Give us a call if you have questions about the coverage at 1-800-663-9999.

Remember, all foster parents in BC with a Ministry or Delegated Aboriginal Agency contract receive coverage for their home and belongings under the Ministry’s Extended Property Damage (Rider) Insurance program.  Deductibles or cost of repairs below the deductible amount (generally $500) are paid by MCFD.


Watch the Rider Insurance Webinar!

Watch our RIder Insurance Webinar!  Click on the link below (allow about 45 seconds to load the presentation).  Length is appoximately one hour.  Send us an e-mail at to let us know if you found the information helpful.

BCFFPA and Megson Fitzpatrick Foster Parent Rider Insurance Webinar 2013

Some Words From Real Foster Parents

BCFFPA has created a documentary-style video to be used for recruitment of new foster parents across the Province. We hope that you feel it’s a good representation of your experiences as a foster parent. Thank you, from all of us at BCFFPA, for the valuable and difficult work you do and for your commitment to BC’s young people.

BCFFPA’s New Look!

The Board of Directors has chosen a new brandmark to reflect the vision and future direction of BCFFPA. The logo symbolizes strength, balance, grounding, roots, commonality, diversity and being an integrated part of the whole. The logo was created by a BC designer and is based on the belief that foster families are a branch of the family tree. In the coming months, this new logo will be in use on letterhead and materials you receive from BCFFPA and we will be launching a new website featuring the logo and an updated image. We hope you like it as much as we do!