Under-deductible Losses (UDL) Program

We are launching a new program called Under-deductible Losses (UDL) Program. The funding for this program is effective April 1, 2022. Foster parents will now have access to a low barrier process to manage damages and losses valued below $10,000 (under the Rider Insurance Program deductible), caused by the child/youth placed in their care. This program will be an alternative to submitting eligible repairs and losses to MCFD or Delegated Aboriginal Agencies for compensation.

Claims Eligibility Criteria

  • The nature of damage or loss under this program is that it is done suddenly and either accidentally or intentionally by a child or youth placed in the home.

  • Claimant must be a foster caregiver with a current Family Care Home Agreement with the Ministry of Children and Family Development or with a Delegated Aboriginal Agency.

  • Claim must be under the Rider Insurance Program deductible of $10,000. Damages or losses over $10,000 will be handled under the Rider Insurance Program.

  • This program cannot provide assistance to repair damage caused by normal wear and tear.

  • The UDL program is not a replacement for property insurance. This program is not accessible to cover damages above the rider deductible for those who are not insured. It is expected as part of the Family Care Home Agreement that foster parents have home or tenant insurance.

To learn more about the UDL Program, visit this link.