October is Foster Family Month. First proclaimed by the province of British Columbia in 1990, Foster Family Month is a time for everyone in communities across the province to stand in support and celebration of all foster families in BC. The occasion offers an opportunity to celebrate the selfless dedication of over 2,000 foster parents who open their hearts and their homes to help vulnerable children, youth and families. In addition, 42% of all adoptions in BC are foster parents adopting the children in their care, providing much-needed permanency and stability. We would like to thank all of BC’s amazing foster parents for everything you do for the children, youth, families and the community! 

In honour of Foster Family Month, BC Foster Parents Association is hosting webinars that promote self-care and wellness for the month of October. All webinars are open to foster and adoptive parents. 

Burnout Prevention with Julie Romanowski a.k.a. Miss Behaviour

When we feel emotions such as burnout, hostility, lack of enthusiasm or no purpose, it can greatly effect everyone involved. From yourself, to the children, or family members – burnout is real and toxic. Let Julie Romanowski a.k.a. Miss Behaviour help you prevent burnout.

This webinar is a shortened version of her popular Burnout Prevention Program. She will talk about the reasons why burnout happens and provide strategies to help ease the challenges that present themselves, creating a negative impact on our physical and mental health.

Join us on October 18, 2021 at 10:30 AM

About Julie Romanowski

Julie Romanowski is Miss Behaviour! She is an educated, trained and certified ‘Early Childhood Consultant’ and’Children’s Behaviour & Discipline Specialist’. You can find Julie working and being a ​Mother, Coach, Leader, Educator, Author, Speaker & founder of Miss Behaviour: parenting coach & consultant services.

She is a ‘Children’s behaviour & discipline specialist’, that covers the areas of anxiety, child development, communication and connection with an approach that is positive and respectful. Julie is excellent at teaching Parents key skills and techniques to understand and enjoy raising their children.



Mindfulness and Stress Reduction with Shahin Najak

This webinar will provide an introduction to mindfulness and how we can make small shifts in our daily lives to help you create authentic relationships, a peaceful home and joyful children. Shahin will share her passion and offer you simple daily practices designed to help you stay calm, cool and connected with yourself and your family. You will be able to add this beautiful life skill in your personal toolbox as well as your family’s.

Attendees will learn: 

1. What is mindfulness – we hear the word everyday but what does it really mean and what are the steps in making it a habit that serves us

2. Stress and our brains – how it affects us on a daily basis and how to override it

3. Three key mindfulness practices that we can start using today, and model for our children. 

Join us on October 20, 2021 at 10:30 AM

About Shahin Najak

Shahin Najak is a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Coach for parents, teachers and caregivers who want to release the overwhelm of caring for others. Her passion lies in supporting adults and children, particularly parents and teenagers, in building better relationships and incorporating mindfulness strategies as a pathway to creating and crafting a life of calm, self-esteem and self-acceptance.

Through her MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) workshops, mindfulness group training programs and children’s mindfulness programs as well as her private coaching, she supports you in breaking habits that don’t serve you, clearing obstacles that create tightness in your chest so that you can finally wake up everyday feeling like you can handle anything that life throws your way.



Nourishing Self-care through Food with Jenn Messina

Our relationship with food affects our physical and mental health. In this webinar, we will unpack how our relationship with food impacts our relationship with self-care. Being intentional with self-care through our eating habits can bring so much joy into our daily lives.

What is self-care
What do you do to take care of yourself? Why is it important?
What about food? Diets vs Intuitive Eating
Role of different foods on our energy levels
Meal swaps and snack ideas
6 Strategies that make the biggest difference in nutrition
Meal planning on a budget

Join us on October 26, 2021 from 10:00-11:00 AM

About Jenn Messina

Jenn Messina is a Registered Dietitian based in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Jenn is passionate about all aspects of holistic health and practices through the lens of Health at Every Size® and Intuitive Eating. She works with individuals who are ready to break up with dieting and find balance and joy with food! She also works with families looking to support their children to have a healthy relationship with food and their bodies.