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June 28, 2007
Mr. Mark Sieben - ADM
Integrated Policy and Legislation
PO Box 9707 Stn Prov Govt 
Victoria BC  V8W9S2
Dear Mark:
As you are aware, the BCFFPA has been conducting Idea Forums in the Interior
Region of the province over the past several weeks.  We have been fortunate to
receive a lot of positive input as a result of those forums, however an issue has arisen
for which we are seeking clarification.
As a result of some court cases in the past, the BCFFPA is continuing to advise
caregivers that they should hold original copies of records from placements and
provide copies of those records to MCFD.  Although it appears that most Resource
Supervisors we met with agree, there are a small number who continue to insist that
only originals are acceptable to them, while referencing the CSSS.
In researching the CSSS documents, specifically standards 8, 13, 14, 17, and 20, we
find references to records of children and youth being returned to MCFD when the
placement ceases, however we cannot find any reference to “originals”.  While we
agree that youth may not wish to have former Foster Parents holding their personal
information subsequent to them being released from care, we must also protect Foster
Parents should they be called to court years after the placement, without original
We are therefore seeking clarification around the expectation of MCFD Provincial
Office as it relates to the sharing of records.
We look forward to your response.
Yours truly,
BC Federation of Foster Parent Associations
Melanie Filiatrault
Annette Harding
BCFFPA Board of Directors
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