Caregiver Training
BCFFPA’s Board of Directors is excited to announce to our foster community that, after much research, comparison and outline development done in partnership with BC’s foster parent support agencies, delegated Aboriginal agencies and the Ministry, BCFFPA  has chosen the Parent Resources for Information Development and Education (PRIDE) program for BC’s new caregiver training. This program is used to educate foster caregivers and social workers in several other provinces across the country.  The PRIDE community of practice ensures that the curriculum is reviewed and updated regularly.  PRIDE offers a multi-modality curriculum that includes facilitated online training.  Before we are ready to launch PRIDE across the province, the curriculum will be enhanced with information that is specific to BC’s policy, practice and culture.

The implementation plan for our new education program will be defined by the Ministry in the coming months.  We will be certain to keep you informed.

Resource Social Worker Training
In consultation with Ministry resource social workers, leaders and in review of previous materials, BCFFPA’s Board of Directors has selected the Justice Institute of BC to design and host the new resource social worker training curriculum.  This will be the first official training of its kind in BC for resource social workers and we are expecting that this will be a core requirement after its  development.

We are happy to be working with a strong committee of Team Leaders, other resource specialists and our Aboriginal Advisory Group who are lead by Lenora Starr, our content facilitator.  With this gathering of community members, we will be able to address  the required foundational topics that will enhance the skill set required of BC’s resource social workers and foster caregivers alike.

If you have questions about the development of either of these important training projects, please contact BCFFPA directly at 1-800-663-9999 or

Advocacy & Community Outreach
For the first time in many years, BCFFPA has some funds available to apply to our support and advocacy program!  These funds will allow us to host a training or two, to engage a much-needed part time coordinator and to reimburse expenses incurred by our peer support volunteers for travel and child care.

Every day we receive new requests from across the province to provide support in complex situations that include adoption placements with foster parents, transitions into other adoption placements, protocols and investigations, appeals, home closures, contract issues, reimbursement denials and often relationship breakdown between Ministry or delegated Aboriginal agency and foster caregivers.  We are here if you need us.  Currently working through 72 open support cases, we see all cases through to their conclusion.

In order to reintroduce ourselves to new Ministry staff, we will be taking advantage of all opportunities to meet with community Ministry leads and front line staff.  If you have an abundance of new Ministry staff in your region, please let the office know so that we can connect with them when we are next in your area.