Training Project Updates

Training Project Updates

January 2018
In the Fall of 2017, program ownership for the Caregiver, Kinship and Resource Worker trainings was transferred to 2 provincial divisions – Learning & Development, and Guardianship, Adoption & Permanency.  BCFFPA continues to work with both divisions on the completion and roll-out of the 3 trainings.

PRIDE pre-service training is well underway with monthly cohorts being offered for new caregivers.  PRIDE in-service is undergoing final edits.  While training for Kinship/Out-of-Care caregivers is currently in the final stages of completion, Resource Worker training is undergoing a bit more revision prior to completion.

Project History
In 2015 BCFFPA was given a contract to convene provincial stakeholders with an investment in the foster parent education delivery to begin the process of defining, designing, creating and delivering to the MCFD a new Caregiver Training.

Driven in partnership with provincial government’s Strategic Priorities division, the important and complex work of creating the Caregiver Training and Resource Social Worker training are well underway.  We have committed to a transparent and consultative process and have provided many of our process documents below for your information.

Contact if you have any questions about either the Caregiver Training or the Resource Worker Training.

Caregiver Training

Resource Social Worker Training