Advocacy (Fostering Solutions Program)

BCFFPA’s advocacy role with today’s government has a history dating back 50 years. Back then we worked with the department in charge of child welfare (which has gone by many names over the years) to develop policies and practice. Today, through our peer volunteer Fostering Solutions program, we monitor practice, work together to develop new policy when required and review existing policy and recommend updates.  You may see us providing workshops in your community – providing an opportunity for foster parents, agency and social workers to come together in partnership to learn about a number of current topics.

BCFFPA also has a more direct advocacy/mediation position through the support we offer to the foster parent community in the work they do. Our objective is to ensure best practice and to encourage all members of the care team to treat each other fairly and respectfully.

If you need help or a referral to a community based agency for support, we can assist you or aid with those connections. We’re just a phone call away.