Foster Parent Insurance Coverage

Watch our video summary of insurance programs provided to foster parents.

Insurance Rider (for Property Damage)

Watch the Insurance video on BCFFPA’s YouTube channel here.

Extended Health Benefits for Foster Parents

Extended health benefits are available through GSC Health Assist.  Click here to go to the website.  BCFFPA is still researching options for critical illness, disability and life insurance coverage.

Master Insurance Program (for situations of a civil nature)

For those occasions that you may find yourself needing a lawyer related to charges of a civil (ie. non-criminal) nature, foster parents, and many individuals working in the social service sector are covered by an insurance program that will provide legal counsel.  Click on the “Master Insurance Program link” below to read more or you can contact the program administrators directly.

For quick access to the Master Insurance Program, contact:

Brenda Petersen or John Giesbrecht at 250-413-2210 or


For additional information on the Foster Parent Insurance Programs
or you if have a claim to report please contact:

BCFFPA Provincial Office
 1 800 663-9999
604 544-2223

For General, Homeowner or Tenant Insurance, call:

Megson FitzPatrick Insurance Services
250 595-5212 or 1 888 595-5212
250 595-2900
3561 Shelbourne St. Victoria BC V8P 4G8

To contact the Insurance Bureau of Canada call 604 684-3635 for their consumer information desk.