The Objectives of the BCFFPA include: (also see Code of Ethics and Practice Standards)

  • Being the collective voice for all Foster Parents while working towards improving fostering and child care standards by: presenting briefs to government to express the viewpoint of Foster Parents on matters concerning children.
  • Acting as a channel of communication between government, the community and birth families of children in care.

To enhance the image of fostering and Foster Children through public relations and community involvement by:

  • Assisting in recruitment of new foster homes.
  • Providing information relating to fostering for interested community organizations.
  • Developing a Code of Ethics and Practice Standards to ensure consistent, high quality service in the community.

To help Foster Parents increase their skills in caring for children by providing educational opportunities through:

  • Provision of a basic information kit for all Foster Parents in BC.
  • Publication of a quarterly newsletter.
  • Maintenance of a lending library of books, tapes and videos.
  • Distribution of a catalogue of the library materials.
  • Encouragement of a team approach to fostering through joint training of Foster Parents, Social Workers and birth parents where appropriate.
  • By strengthening Foster Parents communication networks in local communities to provide support for Foster Parents.