Board of Directors

President & Foster Parent

Marcy Perron (Kelowna, BC)

A Word About Fostering – All children need an adult they can count on.

12 of Marcy’s placements have successfully transitioned into adoptive homes. She believes in maintaining strong relationships with the children and remains a grandma to many! Marcy’s caring demeanor is uniquely suited to caring for children of all ages.

Fostering is Marcy’s second career, having worked for 25 years in a bank leadership role. Marcy is also an accomplished artist!

Vice President & Foster Parent
Chad Hooker (Courtenay, BC)

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Treasurer, CFFA Delegate & Foster Parent
Lance Bereck (Nanaimo, BC)

A Word About Fostering – Fostering is a journey in parenting filled with many adventures of self-discovery and personal growth while providing children a safe, nurturing home they so desperately need and deserve.

Lance and his wife have fostered all ages of children over the past 12 years and are proactive in mentoring and advocating for foster parents and youth in care.

Lance works as a professional in the IT, web and publishing industries and has been involved with various boards and committees over many years.  He brings his experience in business management to the BCFFPA board.

Secretary & Foster Parent
Tanya Tagmann (Prince George, BC)

A Word About Fostering – Being a foster parent is a 4 piece job. There is parenting a child who will be in your care on a temporary basis, supporting their family’s return to health, working with the agency and working with the professionals who support the child. Document and follow up. Take the training offered by BCFFPA!

After meeting a very special little girl and witnessing her experiences in the foster care system, she was inspired to become a foster parent. 23 children have been placed in Tanya’s home. Tanya has been fostering since 2008 and has had 23 children placed with her. Before fostering she worked in the film and television industry. She loves movies, her dogs and getting in a good walk.

Regional Delegates

Coast Fraser Region Delegate & Foster Parent
Jeannette Dyer (Mission, BC)

Jeanette started fostering in 1954 when she was asked by a policeman to take an infant into her care and keep her safe until she could return home to her mother. From then on whenever asked she would take any child in at the request of police, parents or Catholic Children’s Aid Society. No contacts, no money, just a need she felt she could fill.

Her belief was and is, if needed, there is always room for one more. Just throw another potato in the pot.
It was not until 1999 – 2000 that she worked exclusively with the MCFD. She asked for and had the children of a previous foster child placed with her. The rest is history. They are still a part of my family.

Today, she is still fostering, still willing and able to reach out, open her door and heart for those vulnerable kids who need a safe, caring place to call home for however long. It is her profound belief that your, mine, and their futures are dependent on the acceptance, love and nurturing of our children now so as to foster positive outcomes for tomorrow.

Jeanette lives in the Mission area and has worked with BCFFPA’s Mission Branch for many years. Welcome to the Provincial team Jeanette!

Interior Region Delegate & Foster Parent
Kevin Daniel (Williams Lake, BC)

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North Region Delegate & Foster Parent
Vacant Position

Vancouver Island Region Delegate & Foster Parent
Tanya Hooker (Courtenay, BC)

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Past President & Foster Parent
Heather Bayes (Enderby, BC)

We are deeply saddened by the loss of Heather Bayes. She passed away on March 4th, 2016, after a short battle with cancer. Though her passing will be very difficult to adjust to, Heather left instructions that we were to focus instead on her efforts over the past several years to bring about lasting positive outcomes for foster families across BC.

As foster parents, BCFFPA’s Board of Director’s are governed by BCFFPA’s General Code of Ethics. As members of our Board of Directors, they adhere to an additional Code for governance purposes.