Foster Parents BC Core Staff

Executive Director – Jayne Wilsonjayne

Jayne has a 30 year history working in administration. Her ethical business practice and strategic vision has kept BCFFPA on track for a few years now. She creates a positive, fun atmosphere to work in and provides support and mentorship to the Federation staff members so that they have plenty of opportunity to build their skills and develop their expertise. She believes that our foster parent members and our Board of Directors deserve the best service possible.

Community Network Manager – Ronda Sweeneyronda

Ronda comes from a customer service/administrative background and worked for a time in a foster care receiving home. Ronda’s attention to detail is the Federation’s key to producing great special events and for our Auditor’s delight when he reviews our financial records annually. Ronda encourages our staff to ensure that we are always cognizant of the importance of building our Local Foster Parent Association network so that caregivers aren’t fostering in isolation.

Administrative Assistant – Krissy Ramcharan

(Picture and Bio coming soon!)

Office Mascot/Foster Cat – Mangomango

Mango came to us “temporarily”, care of our office landlords who needed a place to keep a neighborhood stray. We discovered that Mango was orphaned by her owner and then was left behind when her family moved away. She’s become a resident of the office who lets us know when someone is coming up the stairs. One of the staff will eventually take her home because she’s become family.